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Columbus and Cincinnati Janitors Ratify Three Year Agreements

latoyia groupThanks to the support of their members, community leaders and allies, Cincinnati and Columbus janitors won a new three year master janitorial contract. The contract was approved by an overwhelming margin on December 3.

The contract, which covers more than 1,300 SEIU Local 1 janitors, increases wages over three years.

Cincinnati and Columbus janitors held a series of events, including protests and a press conference, with record levels of turnout from their members and the community.

The agreement strengthens the union at a time when Right to Work is a possibility in the state, and also demonstrates the union’s solidarity during this challenging time.

“This agreement is proof that when union members stand with one another, they can achieve anything,” said Tom Balanoff, President of SEIU Local 1. “The economic gains in this contract will help our members and the Columbus and Cincinnati communities now and over the next three years.”

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Local Unions: What Are They Up To?

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We are Moving

The SEIU Local 1 office in Columbus is moving. As of February 23, 2015 our new address is:

225 East Broad Street, Suite 106
Columbus, OH 43215

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Columbus and Cincinnati janitors fight for good jobs!

Janitors in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio clean the headquarters of some of the biggest and most profitable corporations in the country. Columbus and Cincinnati janitors are now fighting for a new union contract to win fair wages and good jobs—not just for themselves, but for our communities.

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Cleveland Janitors & Community Members Rally for Fair Contract

Local 1 members and supporters gather in Cleveland in support of a fair contract.

With their union contract set to expire at the end of April, over 100 janitors and community leaders rallied at the janitors’ contract convention to call on the richest 1% to do their fair share and create good middle class jobs for our city. The convention kicked off the janitors’ contract negotiations, which begin in April and impact more than 500 janitors across the city. Speakers included Local 1 members, Mayor Frank Jackson, City Councilmember Jay Westbrook, and John Ryan on behalf of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.


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A Victory for All Workers

Photo courtesy of Debbie Kline, Cleveland Jobs with Justice

November 8th marked a major victory for workers all across the nation, when more than 2 million people voted NO on Issue 2 and repealed Gov. Kasich’s anti-worker Senate Bill 5.

Senate Bill 5 would have stripped Ohio’s public employees—firefighters, teachers, and nurses, among others—of their right to collectively bargain for fair wages and safe staffing levels. The effect of this bill on jobs and communities across the state would have been devastating.

That’s why SEIU Local 1 members joined their sisters and brothers across Ohio in working tirelessly to repeal SB5. Local 1 members helped gather a record number of signatures to get the issue on the ballot and spent weeks educating voters across the state about Senate Bill 5.

By using their citizens’ veto, Ohioans said loud and clear: working families are not punching bags. We did not cause the economic problems in Ohio and you can’t pick our pockets to fix them. This is a victory for the 99%, by the 99%.

The voice of Ohio’s middle class was heard ‘round the nation in November—but only because union members and working people across the state worked together and worked hard.

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Ohio Newsletters: Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Newsletter Columbus English
Spring 2011 Newsletter Columbus Spanish
Spring 2011 Newsletter Columbus Polish

Spring 2011 Newsletter Cleveland English
Spring 2011 Newsletter Cleveland Spanish
Spring 2011 Newsletter Cleveland Polish

Spring 2011 Newsletter Cincinnati English
Spring 2011 Newsletter Cincinnati Spanish
Spring 2011 Newsletter Cincinnati Polish

Spring 2011 Newsletter Toledo English


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Pastors Unite In Support of Ohio Workers


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Taking away basic civil and human rights is never an appropriate response to budget shortfalls, declared an interdenominational group of church and community leaders in Cincinnati on Monday.

The press conference was called at the St. Francis Seraph Church to oppose Ohio Senate Bill 5, an attack on the middle class which would abolish collective bargaining rights for state workers and severely weaken them for local public-sector employees.

“Politicians pushing S.B. 5 are behaving like bullies in their unfair treatment of working people,” said Robert Richardson, a member of SEIU Local 1 who works in building services. Other leaders standing firm against S.B. 5 included Rev. Troy Jackson, Senior Pastor at University Christian Church; Brother Michael Murphy of the OTR Marianist Community; and representatives from the Catholic and other faiths.

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