Immigrant Rights

Download the SEIU Local 1  “Know Your Rights As An Immigrant / Conozca Sus Derechos Como Inmigrante / Poznajcie Państwo Prawa Jako Imigrant” Booklet here!

Everyone in the United States has the right to remain silent and the right to refuse to answer question, even of police or other government officials, other than to state your name.

Your employer cannot immediately fire you, or change or take away your union benefits because he received a No-Match letter with your name on it.

For more information or help creating a plan of action for your family or workplace, call the SEIU Local 1 Member Resource Center at (312) 233-8880.

If you are ever called into an interview meeting with your supervisor or manager so they can investigate a situation which might result in discipline, you have specific representational rights. These rights are summarized below:

+ You have the right to have a Union steward or union representative present.
+ If you want a steward or union representative there, you must ask for him or her.
+ If you do not know why your manager wants to meet with you, ask him/her if it is a meeting that could result in a discipline.
+ If your manager refuses to allow you to bring a steward or union representative, repeat your request in front of a witness. Do not refuse to attend the meeting, but do not answer any questions either. Take notes. Once the meeting is over call your steward or union representative at once.
+ You have the right to speak privately with your steward or union representative before the meeting and during the meeting.
+ Your steward or union representative has the right to play an active role in the meeting. She or he is not just witness.

These rights are called “Weingarten Rights” based on a 1975 Supreme Court decision (NLRB vs. J. Weingarten). As with all rights, if we do not use them we lose them.

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