Thousands of security workers across the Midwest and nationwide are uniting to Stand for Security. This year, security officers in Indianapolis organized and ratified their first contract. These SEIU Local 1 members recognized that, as professional security officers, they needed to unite.

While security officers carry substantial responsibility for public safety, most officers are not valued on a par with that responsibility. Cities have stepped up to ensure that police officers are valued and adequately prepared; however, many private security officers are paid low wages and many do not feel adequately trained and prepared for this dangerous job.

Security officers are public safety professionals and first responders to many risky situations. The work security officers do is important to everyone in our cities and treating security officers like the professionals they are benefits our neighborhoods and strengthens our communities.

Security officers should be rewarded in line with their significant responsibility for public safety. To protect our cities, building owners and security contractors need to take responsibility for investing in and professionalizing private security forces.

It is time we all Stand for Security!

To get more information, contact Erica Kimble at 877-233-8880.

On Equal Pay Day, Milwaukee Security Officers Announce They’ve Joined Local 1!


MILWAUKEE – On Equal Pay Day, dozens of labor and community allies, including Alderwoman Chantia Lewis (9th District) and Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell, rallied outside Milwaukee City Hall in support of pay equality and to welcome local security officers into their union, SEIU Local 1.

Over the past year, Milwaukee security officers who protect City Hall, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Schlitz Park, the county transit system and many other public and private buildings across the city have been fighting for higher wages, better benefits and a safer Milwaukee for all of its residents.

“Having a union means we now have a fair shot at a good future for ourselves and our families,” said Antonisha Malone, a security officer at the US Bank Center. “We now have a strong, collective voice on the job that will allow us to improve our economic security and negotiate for things like fair scheduling, paid time off, parental leave and other improvements.”

Despite anti-worker state policies and President Trump’s efforts to weaken workplace protections for women, the nearly 300 security officers who work for the region’s leading contractors, including Allied Universal, G4S, Prudential Security and Securitas, have now won their union with SEIU Local 1. They are expected to begin bargaining their historic contract this summer.

A strong union contract with good raises and better benefits will help Milwaukee working families make ends meet while ensuring that working people have a voice on the job to protect themselves from pay disparity and other forms of discrimination.

Security officers and their allies rallied on Equal Pay Day, because they know the best way to ensure fair pay is through a union.

“We’re rising up on Equal Pay Day, because we know that a strong union contract guarantees equal pay for equal work,” Malone said.

Alderwoman Lewis and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mitchell also stood with the union members in support of pay equity.

“Because women still earn less than men, unions are making sure that the wage gap is closed,” Lewis said. “I stand with you proudly, and I understand that it is our responsibility to support policies that help working families.”

“The gender pay gap is an embarrassing reality that is perpetuated in Wisconsin by the low-wage economy that Scott Walker built,” Mitchell said. “From rectifying the gender and racial wage gaps to raising wages for working families – people coming together, like in unions, is the way to build an economy that works for all of us.”



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Officers at DePaul continue their fight into 2018!




As 2017 comes to an end, we want to keep you updated on the security officers at DePaul University and their fight for a better future! Currently, Guardian Security Services Inc. officers who work at DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus, ensure that thousands of students, faculty, and staff, can safely live and learn yet many of these same officers struggle for the basics like groceries and CTA passes.

DePaul students have continued to show their support and solidarity for the officers by gathering, spreading the word on campus, and reaching out to DePaul leadership to discuss choosing a responsible, union security contractor. On October 24th, they joined Guardian Security officers as they went on an unfair labor practice strike. The whole city of Chicago is watching their fight. Read more about their one-day ULP strike over at The Chicago Sun-Times, CBS News, and DNAinfo!

The fight isn’t over! Be on the lookout for updates in January 2018 as Guardian Officers at DePaul continue their fight for a voice on the job and a better future for their families.

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Joined By DePaul University Students and Faculty, Building Security Officers Who Secure DePaul Hold Unfair Labor Practice Strike

Joined By DePaul University Students and Faculty, Building Security Officers Who Secure DePaul Hold Unfair Labor Practice Strike

After gathering more than 1,000 student signatures, students joined security officers to demand that DePaul’s administration support good jobs by replacing Guardian Security Services, Inc.

CHICAGO  — On Tuesday morning, DePaul University students, faculty, community allies and SEIU Local 1 joined non-union Guardian Security Services, Inc. officers as they went on a one-day unfair labor practice strike.

Guardian Security is the security contractor for DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus. Students, allies and non-union officers called on DePaul’s administration to replace Guardian Security with a responsible union contractor, which the university uses for janitors and security officers at four other campus sites.  

The officers’ campaign has strong support from allies and the community, with more than 1,000 students on DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus signing a petition calling for their university to hire a contractor that prioritizes the safety of the campus over profits.

“This issue directly affects me and my fellow DePaul students because it’s our safety that is at stake, and it is our tuition dollars that pay for the security contractor on our campus,” said Alex Boutros, a senior at DePaul. “We’re here today to call on the DePaul administration to do the right thing: Stop taking advantage of these workers and hire a responsible security contractor that respects its workers and gives them a voice on the job.”

From alleged gender and racial discrimination to trouble with the National Labor Relations Board, Guardian Security has shown itself to be an irresponsible contractor. Many Guardian Security officers live in poverty and struggle to pay for basic needs, like groceries and CTA passes.


Service Employees International Union Local 1 (SEIU 1) unites 50,000 workers throughout the Midwest, including janitors, security officers, higher education faculty, food service workers and others. Local 1 is committed to improving the lives of its members and all working people by winning real economic justice and standing at the forefront of the fight for immigrant, racial and environmental justice.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEIU Local 1 Metro Security Officers Approve Contract to Invest in Chicagoland Communities


SEIU Local 1 Metro Security Officers Approve Contract to Invest in Chicagoland Communities

Metropolitan Security Officers approve contract agreement for more than 7,000 Chicagoland officers

CHICAGO—Metropolitan Security Officers have negotiated and ratified a new three-year contract that will help families invest in their communities and help in creating a better Chicago. While Chicago’s Metro Security Officers protect high-profile sites like University of Chicago, the Chicago Housing Authority, United Airlines in the Willis Tower, and Maggie Daley Park, many officers reside in Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods.

“When contractors in Chicago invest in families, our children and our communities benefit,” said SEIU Local 1 President Tom Balanoff. “By standing together, Metropolitan Security Officers won a great contract that will benefit Chicagoland for years to come.”

The security officers approved a new union contract with important wage increases while also maintaining health care benefits and more.

More than 7,000 working families will benefit from this historical contract. Together, the officers will bring approximately $25 million into their communities over the three year period, pumping much needed resources into our city’s struggling neighborhoods.

“By sticking together, Metro Security Officers won good raises as well as better benefits,” said Maggie Daley Park Security Officer Idris Amao. “This will give us more opportunities to invest in our communities.”

The new three-year Metro Security Officers’ contract, which goes into effect on January 1, 2017, guarantees:

  • Strengthen health insurance for members while increasing coverage for all officers under agreement
  • Greatly increase wages of officers allowing them to better provide for their families
  • Improve sick leave benefits for officers that allow them to take paid sick leave when they or a member of their family is sick and then need to miss work


SEIU Local 1 unites 50,000 property service workers in the Midwest, including security officers, janitors, window washers and residential doormen.  Together we work to build strength for all working people, on the job and in our communities.

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Rep. Robin Kelly joins SEIU Local 1 Security Officers starting ‘Fight for 15’ contract negotiations

DSC_0897The “Fight for 15” movement is alive and well in the state of Illinois. SEIU Local 1 Metropolitan Chicago security officers, who secure high-profile sites like the University of Chicago, the Chicago Housing Authority, United Airlines in the Willis Tower, and Maggie Daley Park, were joined by Second District Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D-IL) to kick off their contract campaign to reduce violence and improve safety in the Chicagoland area. The sad truth is that median wage for a Metro security officer is $11.25 an hour, just over $23,000 annually. Officers earn as little as $9.40 an hour, or $19,000 annually. These low wages leave many Metro officers trapped in struggling neighborhoods.

President of SEIU Local 1, Tom Balanoff, says that a higher wage for security pays off in higher dividends to the community in the form of helping working families and keeping communities safer.

Congresswoman Kelly calls it “fighting the right kind of fight.” Her friend and House of Representatives colleagues, the legendary John Lewis, would call this fight “good trouble.” The contract will cover 6,000 Chicagoland security officers across Cook County, many of whom live in our area’s roughest neighborhoods. Congresswoman Kelly says, “That’s a fight for a better contract and for a fair wage for you to take care of your families.”

Read the full story over at the Daily Kos.

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Chicago and New York security officers win $15—and more—through their unions

Another important victory in the fight for $15 and safer cities

By: Marakah Mancini

Security officers at SEIU Local 1 and 32BJ won new union contracts that will bring thousands of officers above $15 and enhance many benefits, including retirement programs, in both cities.

In Chicago, security officers won additional investments in their work and their communities following the deadliest first quarter their city has seen in years.

More than 1,700 working families will benefit from the new downtown contract, which lifts most officers above $15, maintains fully employer-paid health care, and increases pension benefits. Together, the security officers are expected to bring $46 million to their local economies, pumping necessary resources into Chicago’s struggling neighborhoods.

Now downtown officers are supporting 6,800 suburban officers who will bargain a new contract by the end of the year.

After half of 32BJ security officers surveyed in 2016 said they were worried about their personal safety on the job, officers were able to win immediate access to the training program they have developed.

First 1,000 New York officers won a strong agreement to strengthen training, holiday and sick leave provisions. Then 9,000 more officers in the city won 100-percent employer-paid family healthcare for thousands of officers whose families weren’t yet covered, guaranteed paid time off, and their first contributions to a 401(k).

Both New York contracts will raise minimum wages above $15—another important victory in the Fight for $15 and safer cities.

This story is from the SEIU Blog.

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Downtown Chicago Security Guards ‘Win Big’ Under New Labor Contract

Security guards at Chicago’s downtown buildings have approved and ratified a contract with the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).

The deal secures a 9 percent wage increase over the life of the contract, boosts pensions and keeps a 100 percent employer-paid health insurane plan in place.

“When contractors in Chicago do the right thing by creating good jobs and investing in families, our neighborhoods benefit,” said Tom Balanoff, SEIU Local 1 president. “This monumental contract will help boost the communities that need it the most. Our city, our children and the future of Chicago are better because of this agreement.”

Most of the 1,700 security guards covered under the contract will also see their hourly wage hit at least $15. According to SEIU, which represents the security guards, the deal will bring $46 million into some of the city’s most economically-depressed communities, where a majority of the workers live.

Read the full story over at Progress Illinois.

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BOMA Security Ratification Vote: Friday, April 29th

On Friday, April 29, 2016, all Security Officers who are in BOMA Buildings and are affected by this wage increase must come to Local 1 office, 111 E. Wacker Ste. 1700, to learn what your hourly rate of pay will be and to vote on your contract.

April 29th Ratification Voting times are as follows:

8 a.m. – 10 a.m.

12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Please come to the SEIU Local 1 Officer at 111 E. Wacker Ste. 1700

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Downtown Chicago Security Officers Kick Off Contract Campaign, Rally For $15 An Hour (VIDEO)

img_2753Security officers represented by SEIU* Local 1 rallied at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago Tuesday afternoon, kicking off their campaign for better wages and benefits in upcoming contract negotiations.

Some 2,500 security officers who oversee downtown Chicago buildings such as the Willis Tower, the John Hancock Center and the Chicago Board of Trade will see their union contract expire April 21. Bargaining with the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is set begin next Tuesday, and the officers are calling for a minimum wage of $15.

The starting wage for SEIU-represented security officers is $10.50 an hour, and most make an hourly wage less than $15, according to union officials.

“We want to get all of our members over $15 before this contract’s up,” said SEIU Local 1 President Tom Balanoff, adding that security officers also want their insurance and pensions protected.

Teresa Sanchez, 51, is a security officer at 161 N. Clark St., a stone’s throw away from the Thompson Center.

A security officer for 18 years, Sanchez’s wages are on the higher end of the pay scale. She earns $21.55 an hour.

“We want to get everybody at the same pay level,” she said. “And we want to make sure that security gets the respect that we deserve.”

Balanoff spoke to the important role security officers play when it comes to public safety.

“These workers do a very crucial job, and oftentimes we don’t really think much about it,” Balanoff said. “We all understand this city. We all understand how violent it is. We all understand how much more violent our world has become, and security officers are really the frontline workers, oftentimes, in terrorist situations or fires or other problems. They play a crucial role. A lot of times people don’t understand the crucial role they play until there’s a crisis.”

Chicago Alds. Roderick Sawyer (6th), Ricardo Munoz (22nd) and Scott Waguespack (32nd) rallied with the workers, who held signs reading, “Good Jobs Strengthen Our Economy.” The aldermen are members of the Progressive Reform Caucus, which has advocated for a $15 minimum wage in the city and other pro-worker measures.

“We understand how difficult it is to do your job,” Sawyer told the security officers. “You are, as stated earlier, the first responders. You’re the ones that put your lives on the line everyday to secure us as we’re traversing through these buildings downtown, and all throughout the city of Chicago, and we respect you and support you in your efforts to have a living wage, adequate benefits, a decent retirement. … We need to let these owners and these multimillionaire and billionaire individuals know that they need to pay you a living wage, a fair wage, and institute a fair contact for all here today.”

Waguespack added, “We’re gonna send a message to BOMA: As long as you’re here, we want to see equal pay. We want to see good pay. We want to see fair wages to the people who are the backbone of this city.”

Read the full story and watch the video over at Progress Illinois!

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Security Division New Member Orientation – US Security Association

On January 23, 2016 at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., SEIU Local 1 will be holding its New Member Orientation for all Security Officers under US Security Association.

Come out and learn important facts regarding your wages, benefits, contract and meet your union representatives. This is also the time to sign your union card, receive contracts and other materials you will need as a union member.

Come out and learn the facts about being a proud union member of SEIU Local 1.

Local 1 Security Officers

New Member Orientation

Saturday, January 23, 2016

10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at
SEIU Local 1 Office
111 E. Wacker Ste. 2500
Free parking at Millennium Park and Shuttle Service
Please RSVP with Member Resource Center at 312-233-8880

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