imageSEIU Local 1 has been working with college and university professors throughout the Midwest to win a voice on the job; address the low compensation for their work; and to ensure greater benefits and job security. Over the past year, adjunct professors at St. Louis Community College and Washington University voted to unite in SEIU Local 1, and others around the Midwest are also working to come together for a better future.

Among the issues raised by these faculty members in negotiations are the low wages, lack of benefits and unpredictable scheduling. These issues have been brought to light by adjuncts who are fighting for a better life around the country, and have earned adjuncts the nickname of the “working class” of the higher education system.

BC letter 12-10_Page_1The adjunct bargaining team has been hard at work- click here to read a letter from the adjunct bargaining team.

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Good businesses, even universities, invest in their employees


Good businesses, even universities, invest in their employees

If higher education truly wishes to help solve the world’s complex problems, it is essential that all voices get a seat at the table, including those of graduate student workers. At Washington University, we need to do more to ensure graduate student workers don’t have to choose between academic success and personal well-being.

We are “privileged to be here,” we graduate student workers are so often told, and we shouldn’t question issues of compensation if we are truly passionate about the work we do. But as long as Washington University insists that we are students only, graduate student workers receive none of the protections afforded to employees under the law, even while we are compelled to remain in this tenuous position in order to complete our degrees.

While Washington U. is ostensibly committed to its role as a beacon of higher learning in the St. Louis community, it is in fact run as a business — and an incredibly lucrative one, at that. But good businesses invest in their employees. By promoting the well-being of the whole employee, Washington U. stands to benefit from higher graduation rates, better job placement, better academic and teaching work, and a healthier spirit of collaboration between students and their faculty advisers.

I believe a graduate student worker union will offer those protections where the administration has failed to do so, resulting in better conditions for workers and increased productivity across the university.

Meredith Kelling  •  Maplewood

Meredith Kelling is an outstanding, graduate student activist with SEIU Local 1. Her Letter to the Editor appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on August 28th, 2017.

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St. Charles Community College adjunct faculty approve contract

St. Charles Community College’s part-time faculty members have ratified their first contract, which was approved by the college’s board on Monday.

The four-year contract will increase wages and stabilize scheduling for the more than 250 part-time faculty members, who voted in March 2016 to unionize and join the Service Employees International Union Local 1.

“This ratification is a really big moment for SCC adjuncts in gaining respect and recognition on campus,” Lisa Decarli, part-time faculty member in sociology, said in a statement. “Through this contract, not only will we get pay raises, but we’ll also have increased job security, a formal grievance process, and a respected and powerful voice on campus.”

Congratulations to our Local 1 brothers and sisters at SCC on ratifying their first contract! Be sure to read the full story over at the St. Louis Business Journal.

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SLU adjuncts finalize their first union contract

5743704552ae5.image ST. LOUIS • St. Louis University leaders and members of the Service Employees International Union have tentatively agreed on the first contract for adjunct faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education.

The contract is still pending approval from union members within the next week.

The five-year contract comes more than a year after the SLU adjunct professors voted to unionize. Out of 156 eligible voters, 89 voted in favor back in March of 2016, and 28 voted against it.

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Editorial: Excellence in higher education starts with better pay for instructors

57472b982ebd2.imageThere’s something terribly wrong with the picture on America’s college campuses today. Higher education institutions are charging top-dollar rates for that all-important degree, while students and parents receive skyrocketing tuition bills because state governments are cutting back on college funding.

Yet more than half the faculty in higher education today is made up of part-time teachers, also known as adjuncts, according to the American Association of University Professors. Their numbers jumped over the past decade as college and university administrators struggled to bulk up teaching staffs while keeping budgets low. The AAUP says the share of money spent on instruction has declined in every sector of higher education.

The demands placed on adjuncts are enormous, and they have well-founded reasons for asserting that their employment rights are being abused in the name of cost-cutting. Increasingly, part-time faculty members at American colleges are voting to form unions, in part to ensure that universities don’t continue shaving expenses at instructors’ expense.

Adjuncts at St. Louis University’s College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences voted overwhelmingly last week to unionize, following similar moves at Washington University and at St. Charles and St. Louis’ community colleges.

Read the full story over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Washington University adjuncts hold rally as negotiations continue

Washington University adjunct professors on Wednesday night held a candlelight rally to protest what they say are low wages and job insecurity.

More than 300 Washington University adjunct professors are currently bargaining their first contract. The workers in January voted to join Service Employees International Union Local 1.

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Adjunct professors rally for higher wages [VIDEO]

The adjuncts are currently collectively bargaining their first union contract.

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