Columbus Janitors Wage Increases

Hope you and your loved ones had a great holiday season! I’m emailing you today to make sure you know about your 2020 raise.

Since you are covered under the janitorial contract, your pay will go up by 0.50 cents/hour starting January 1. This isn’t a holiday gift from your boss – Local 1 members across Columbus fought for this raise. It’s a reminder that when working people – white, Black or brown – come together in union, we win higher wages, better benefits and a brighter future for our families. 

If you do not see your raise reflected on your paycheck within 2 pay periods, please call the Local 1 Member Resource Center at (877) 233-8880 to get things resolved.

Columbus working families came together across racial lines and different backgrounds, with a big victory for Local 1 members, and more than 700 working families who will see their wages rise. Make sure to let your coworkers, friends and family know!

Happy New Year,

SEIU Local 1

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