SEIU Local 1 Cincinnati Janitors Win Historic Contract Contributing $5.3 Million to the Local Economy

CINCINNATI – After a vigorous janitor-led campaign, SEIU Local 1 has ratified their tentative agreement with higher wages, more paid time off and a voice on the job. SEIU Local 1 Janitors led One Cincinnati — a campaign for a city in which all working people can prosper. Janitors with the support of Cincinnati Councilmember P.G. Sittenfeld and multiple allies rallied through the streets of Cincinnati, lobbied City Hall resulting in a successful resolution in support for a strong new contract.

Their new four year contract guarantees:
Annual wage increases which will help janitors provide for their families
Paid Time Off gains to ensure janitors are well compensated for their hard labor
Additional Vacation and Holidays allowing janitors to spend time in their community and contribute to the local economy

With this historic win and significant wage increases, more than 600 SEIU Local 1 Janitors will have the opportunity to be a part of the city’s resurgence, save money, and provide for their families without having to choose between buying groceries or paying their bills. This win will also impact the development of the communities janitors live in, and will let them contribute back to the city.

Local 1 Janitors have witnessed that their perseverance and efforts will make a huge change to the local economy contributing $5.3 million over the life of the contract but the fight for One Cincinnati does not stop here. We will not stop fighting for One Cincinnati until all working families across the city have good union jobs with a path to at least $15 and are able to take part in the city’s resurgence.


Service Employees International Union Local 1 unites 50,000 workers throughout the Midwest, including janitors, security officers, airport workers, higher education faculty, food service workers and others. Local 1 is committed to improving the lives of its members and all working people by winning real economic justice and standing at the forefront of the fight for immigrant, racial and environmental justice.

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