Hello Chicago Institutional Custodians,

As you may be aware, Chicago teachers and support staff, including our brothers and sisters at SEIU Local 73, may soon go on strike as part of their fight for a better future and the good schools our Chicago students deserve. 

While Local 1 fully supports them in their fight for a brighter future, we must inform you that our union contract strictly prohibits custodians like you from walking off the job in order to join Chicago teachers and support staff in their potential strike or related actions.

Please see the following clause from Article XVII our union contract regarding this matter:

Section 1. During the term of this Agreement, there shall be no strikes, lockouts or picketing, nor shall there be any demonstrations or rallies of any kind inside any building, nor shall there be any handout or distribution of handbills or leaflets of any kind in any areas of the buildings, except janitorial break rooms, without the Employer’s consent.

Although our union contract forbids custodians from walking off the job, Local 1 members like you are free to stand in solidarity with our Chicago teachers and support staff on your own time, off the clock. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact the Local 1 Member Resource Center with any questions you may have: 312-233-8880.

In solidarity,

Lonnell Saffold

SEIU Local 1 Institutional Director

Recording Secretary

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