Marquette University Janitors Ratify Strong New Contract

New three-year contract covers 120 campus janitors 

MILWAUKEE – By an overwhelming margin, SEIU Local 1 janitors who clean Marquette University ratified a new contract for 120 janitors that guarantees the good raises and better benefits they need to support their families.

“We work hard to keep Marquette clean and healthy for students and faculty,” said SEIU Local 1 Janitor Vanessa Henderson. “After coming together, we fought for and won the raises and better benefits we need to lift communities across Milwaukee.”

“Local 1 janitors at Marquette showed how integral they are to the everyday functions of the university,” said SEIU Local 1 President Tom Balanoff. “And because of their efforts, they’re showing Milwaukee how good union jobs make our city better for everyone.”

The new three-year union contract:

  • Guarantees annual wage increases which will help janitors support their families and keep up with the cost of living while strengthening their communities;
  • Protects healthcare while costs across the country rise;
  • Secures holiday overtime pay to ensure janitors are fairly compensated for their hard work during the holidays.

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