Detroit City Council Passes Resolution Supporting Security Officers

No matter our background or where we come from, we all want higher wages and a better future for our families. But too many security officers are struggling to make ends meet on low pay.


Because security officers are coming together, the Detroit City Council took notice. Our City Council recognized the hard work security officers do to to keep Detroit safe and secure for everyone in our city, unanimously passing a resolution supporting security officers in our fight for $15 and union rights!


But if we want to win the raises and good jobs we need, we have to keep up the momentum. Join security officers and Local 1 janitors at the Detroit City Council Meeting on Tuesday, March 11 at 10 am. The meeting will be held at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building, 2 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48226, 13th floor.

Read the full resolution here.

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