SEIU Window Washers Slam Susana Mendoza In New Ad: “She Sold Us Out”

Mendoza sided with her wealthy business-owner buddy over hundreds of brave striking Chicago window washers and their families

CHICAGO – Today, SEIU released “Sellout,” a new digital ad slamming Susana Mendoza for selling out Chicago window washers when they were on strike for a better future and asked for her help. Instead of standing with our city’s brave window washers, who put their lives on the line every day to support their families, Mendoza sided with her buddy and major campaign donor Neal Zucker, CEO of window washing company Corporate Cleaning Services and employer of window washers. Zucker is a major Mendoza campaign donor who has contributed more than $30,000 to her political fund since 2014, including $10,000 immediately following the strike and $3,000 just on Christmas Eve.

“Sellout,” a five-figure ad buy produced in both English and Spanish, will run across multiple mediums, with a digital buy rolling out first. The ad is narrated by Chicago window washer Cruz Guzman, who led his coworkers to victory this summer, helping them secure a new contract with a $26 wage, after four weeks on strike.

“Susana Mendoza sold out hundreds of window washers, their families and their communities,” said SEIU Local 1 Secretary-Treasurer Laura Garza. “There’s no doubt: Mendoza sides with wealthy special interestsand her business-owner buddiesover Chicago’s working families.”



The SEIU Illinois State Council today also announced a $500,000 contribution to Toni Preckwinkle’s mayoral campaign.

“The window washers, janitors, homecare and healthcare workers, security officers, public employees and more of SEIU are united behind Toni Preckwinkle, the true progressive of this race,” said Guzman. “We’re ready to do whatever it takes to ensure she is elected the first African-American woman mayor of Chicago.”

English-language script:

Susana Mendoza says she cares about Chicago’s working families.

Just not families like mine.

When we were on strike for a better future and asked for her help, she sold us out to her greedy business-owner donors.

As window washers, we take pride in keeping Chicago’s skyline spotless.

We even wear superhero costumes to cheer up sick kids in the hospital.

Because we love Chicago and we love what we do.  

We thought Susana would stand with us.

She didn’t.

One missed step on my job can cost me my life.

We can’t afford a mayor who puts our livelihoods at risk.


Spanish-language script:

Susana Mendoza dice que se preocupa por las familias trabajadoras de Chicago.

Solo que no por las familias trabajadoras como la mía.

Cuando estuvimos en huelga por un futuro mejor y le pedimos ayuda, ella nos traicionó a favor de sus avariciosos empresarios donantes.

Como lavaventanas, nos da orgullo mantener el horizonte de Chicago brillante.

Incluso nos disfrazamos de superhéroes para animar a los niños enfermos en los hospitales.

Porque nos encanta Chicago y nos encanta lo que hacemos.

Creímos que Susana nos apoyaría. Y no fue así.

Un paso en falso en mi trabajo me puede costar la vida.

No podemos tener a un alcalde que ponga en riesgo nuestros futuros.




The SEIU Illinois State Council represents more than 150,000 working people, including home care and child care providers, security officers, janitors, as well as public employees, medical professionals, first responders and social service workers. SEIU members are winning better wages, health care, and more secure jobs, while ensuring that working people, not just the wealthy and well-connected, benefit from today’s economy.

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