Working People Win In Missouri!

On August 7, the working families of SEIU Local 1 in Missouri came together and won a major victory for their communities by defeating Proposition A. Laws like Prop A, pushed by wealthy special interests, lower wages and hurting working people. But Local 1 members came together to show that wealthy special interests cannot divide us – white, Black or brown – against each other.

Local 1 janitor Sandy Hinson talks to the Guardian about why she was working to defeat Prop A

By joining with community allies and other labor organizations, Local 1 members showed Jefferson City politicians that working people will fight back against their anti-worker, low-wage agenda and win! Together, we rise for the higher wages, strong healthcare and financial security we need to make the Midwest better for all working families.

Local 1 janitor Chloe Collins speaks with the Huffington Post about why laws like Prop A would have made it harder to support her daughter

Local 1 Missouri members will take this energy into the November midterm elections to raise the minimum wage, reform our broken campaign finance system and elect leaders who will fight for working families. Anti-worker politicians and the wealthy special interests who back them are on watch!


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