Bus Drivers Care About Our Passengers!

Alex Rosado has worked as an Agency for Community Transit (ACT) driver for more than 12 years. He’s currently a member of the bargaining team working to negotiate a new contract for more than 150 drivers.

Alex works hard and loves his job. One of his favorite parts is getting to know his riders. “I recognize our regulars,” he says. “We develop a rapport with riders.”

But right now, Alex says, morale among drivers is low and turnover is high. A major issue is that even if drivers get a doctor’s note and give proper four-days notice, they still may be forced to drive sick. The first sick day counts as an unexcused absence, meaning they lose a day’s pay, something very few can afford. They want to fix these issues in their new contract. “We just want a contract that helps us enhance the company and service,” says Alex.

Drivers are ready to do whatever it takes to win a strong new contract that helps make transit better for everyone. To support drivers and a better transit system, call Jerry Kane at 618-797-4600 and tell him you support the working families of ACT!

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