Local 1 CPS Custodians Overwhelmingly Ratify Strong New Contract, Reach Historic Agreement with CPS

Custodians fight and win resources to help keep schools clean and healthy for students

CHICAGO – By an overwhelming margin, 1,700 SEIU Local 1 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) custodians ratified a strong new three-year contract with contractors Aramark and SodexoMAGIC that provides annual raises, protects benefits and includes language that will help keep schools clean. Custodians also approved a historic agreement with CPS that guarantees hundreds more custodians in schools and quarterly meetings with the district to hold contractors accountable.

“By coming together and threatening to strike, Local 1 custodians held contractors and CPS accountable,” said SEIU Local 1 President Tom Balanoff. “These historic agreements will help give custodians the resources they need to keep schools clean.”

“For years, Local 1 custodians have been fighting for the supplies and staffing we need to keep schools clean,” said SEIU Local 1 custodian Maxine Gladney. “Custodians stood together, fought for our schools and kids, and we won.”

The new three-year union contract guarantees: 

  • Annual wage increases for custodians, which will help CPS custodians and their families keep up with the rising cost of living
  • Better benefits like healthcare and pension contributions
  • Stronger contract that guarantees prompt filling of custodial vacancies and ensures custodians traveling between schools are compensated

Local 1 custodians also reached an agreement with CPS to hire hundreds more custodians to keep schools clean for children, including 200 over the summer to deep clean schools and 100 permanently in the fall.  The district also pledged to hold quarterly meetings with custodians to address further workplace concerns and hold contractors accountable.

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