Local 1 Missouri Members Urge: VOTE NO on Prop A!

In 2017,  Missouri politicians like Governor Eric Greitens bowed to special interests and big donors by signing Right to Work into law. The open shop law, pushed by corporations to lower wages for working families, silences workers’ voice on the job and makes it harder for working people to come together in the workplace.

Local 1 Concessions Worker Vanessa Coleman to the Associated Press: “It’s sad to see Governor Greitens and the Republican legislature cave to big donors, corporations and special interests at the expense of Missouri’s working families.”

But Local 1 members are fighting back. They talked with their coworkers and communities, gathering more than 300,000 signatures to put the law to a vote of the people on ballot. Together with labor allies, Local 1 members took power AWAY from the politicians in Jefferson City and put it back in the hands of the people! They’re urging their coworkers and neighbors to protect worker pay and VOTE NO on Proposition A.

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri’s right-to-work law suspended after unions turn in 300K signatures for statewide vote

VOTE NO on Prop A

Proposition A, promoted by a well-coordinated network of out-of-state billionaires, will make it harder for working people to make ends meet. While the cost of living keeps going up, Proposition A would lower wages for Missouri’s working families. Local 1 members are VOTING NO on Prop A to protect their pay and their voice on the job.

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Now Jefferson City politicians want to rig the system against voters. They want to move the ballot question to August, or even put right to work in the Missouri Constitution. Local 1 members across the state will keep up the pressure to put power back in the hands of Missouri’s working families and continue to urge their communities: Protect your pay, VOTE NO on Prop A!

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