Express Scripts Pulled in $4.5 Billion While Janitors Barely Scrape By

Contracted Janitor at Express Scripts: “It’s time Express Scripts follow through on its commitment to the working people of North St. Louis County”

ST. LOUIS – The following is a statement from Dominique Curry, a Centaur Building Services janitor at Express Scripts, in response to the Fortune 500 company’s fourth quarter and full year results released today. While Express Scripts pulled in $4.5 billion in 2017, the contracted janitors who clean its facilities are struggling to make ends meet:

“Express Scripts is a Fortune 500 healthcare company, but the janitors like me who work hard to clean it every day are barely scraping by on low wages and bare-bones health coverage.

“Express Scripts has received millions of dollars in taxpayer incentives and raked in billions in 2017. Meanwhile, we’re struggling just to put food on the table for our kids and to pay the bills.

“It’s time Express Scripts follow through on its commitment to the working people of North St. Louis County by creating good jobs that give us the opportunity to support our families. Doing so will raise standards for all working people and make our region better for everyone.”

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