Detroit Janitors, Joined by Hospital and Fast Food Workers, Deliver “Workers’ State of the State

SEIU Local 1 members in Detroit joined hundreds of hospital, healthcare and fast food workers to deliver a “Workers’ State of the State” in front of Governor Snyder’s office at Cadillac Place on Tuesday, January 23. The event outlined the ways the governor has attacked working people and their unions over the past eight years, and enumerated the demands of Michigan’s workers of their next governor.

“Working people in this state need a path to higher wages,” said Darrel Bonner, a janitor for U.S. Metro at the Detroit Public Schools. “We need home rule so that we can have a say in those wages. And we need to know our children will be safe from things like lead in our water. We need access to basic services. And we need a Governor who will support our unions! Unions are the best way to get our state back on track.”

Detroit Free Press: “They staged what they called a ‘Workers’ State of the State,’ and said Snyder has attacked working people and their unions since he took office.”

After eight years of Snyder’s failed policies, workers are sticking together and fighting back to let their fellow citizens know the true state of Michigan, after eight years of lowered standards, low wages and, in some places, a lack of basic standard of living, including poisoned water. The number one job of our elected leaders should be to raise the standard of living for working people.

Local 1 members delivering water to Flint in 2016

“When I was asked how Governor Snyder’s policies have impacted me, I thought back to the disaster in Flint,” said SEIU Local 1 Executive Board Member and Detroit janitor Pam Owens-Moore. “I was never prouder to be a member of Local 1 than when we delivered that semi-truckload of water to Flint, and I believe that unions make our state stronger. What happened in Flint is a horrific disaster. But it teaches us a valuable lesson that who we elect and what they believe makes a real difference in people’s lives.”

This event was the first of many throughout 2018 in Detroit and across the state of Michigan in which SEIU and Fight for $15 workers are fighting to make politicians listen to working people and take action on issues that matter, including leading on raising wages by increasing the state and local minimum wage and ensuring workers have rights to strong unions.




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