St. Louis Lambert Janitors Ratify Strong New Contract

Local 1 Janitors at St. Louis Lambert International Airport Ratify Agreement with Good Annual Raises, Better Benefits

After months of negotiations, Local 1 janitors at St. Louis Lambert International Airport ratified a strong new contract. The agreement guarantees annual wage increases, stronger health benefits, and a voice on the job that will help janitors working at Lambert provide for their families and strengthen their communities.

“By coming together on the job, Lambert janitors were able to win a brighter future,” said SEIU Local 1 Lambert Janitor Sherry Fabing. “This new contract will help me provide for my family and makes sure that working people have a voice in the future of our airport.”

Local 1 members ratified the contract amidst an ongoing discussion about the privatization of St. Louis Lambert. The agreement ensures the working people who keep Lambert running every day have a seat at the table regarding any future decision about governance of our city’s airport.


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