SEIU Local 1 Workers at KCPS Come Together, Ratify Strong New Contract

SEIU Local 1 Workers at Kansas City Public Schools Come Together, Win Strong New Contract

On Saturday, SEIU Local 1 custodians, food service workers, and maintenance mechanics at Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) unanimously ratified a strong new contract that guarantees good annual raises, better and more affordable health benefits, and important staffing language that facilitates stability at our schools! The new agreement ensures that the people who work hard to keep KCPS running every day have the tools they need to make sure our schools are healthy and clean for the KCPS community.

Better Schools, Stronger Communities

“A strong workforce makes for cleaner and healthier schools for students and teachers,” said SEIU Local 1 Food Service Worker Desiree Saunders, who has worked at KCPS for 12 years and whose children are KCPS alumni. “This new agreement lifts up the communities that need it most, strengthening neighborhoods across Kansas City.”

“Good jobs for working people means better schools for students, teachers and parents,” said SEIU Local 1 Custodian Remonia Mack, who has worked at KCPS for more than 20 years. “This agreement improves our entire district because the stronger our communities, the better we can support our neighborhood schools.”

More than 350 working people will be covered under this new contract and will enjoy a brighter future because of it.

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