Supporting Our Brothers and Sisters in Puerto Rico

25,000 SEIU members and their families are struggling in the aftermath of the most devastating storm to hit Puerto Rico in a century, and SEIU Local 1 members stand with them as they recover and rebuild. More than a week after Hurricane Maria hit the island, millions of Puerto Ricans are still without electricity and access to essentials. Local 1 Chief Engineer Noel Sanchez, along with the the Puerto Rican Agenda and National Boricua Human Rights Network, raised more than $70,000 in relief and supplies for Puerto Rico in just two days! The emergency medical supplies, food, water, and toiletries were flown to the island on September 25.

Working people of SEIU Local 1 will continue to support relief efforts to help Puerto Rican working families recover from Hurricane Maria.

Learn more about their relief efforts over at NBC 5 Chicago! 

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