Union Janitors Rally, Calling for Greitens to Uphold Minimum Wage

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Union janitors rally in downtown St. Louis calling on Missouri Governor Greitens to uphold the $10 an hour minimum wage in the city.

Janitor Eugene Hubbard says the people who clean your office have bills to pay too.

“You know, these people go to work everyday and they go to a clean building,” Hubbard says. “Half the janitors they don’t even see, because a lot of us are at not – but they do see our work.”

Sierra Parker is a janitor at a corporate office downtown and says she is fighting for the minimum wage.

“The message here today is to fight for justice for the janitors and not just only the janitors, but the fast food workers too,” Parker says. “We need this $10 minimum wage.”

Governor Greitens has yet to sign a bill passed in the regular session, House Bill 1194. The bill would repeal the higher minimum wage in the city of St. Louis.

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