Milwaukee Security Officers Continue their fight for a voice on the job

DSC_0370On February 25th, SEIU Local 1 members in Milwaukee joined American Security officers as they rallied outside the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show on opening day. Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski of the 14th District and Alderman Jose Perez of the 12th District joined as they called on the Wisconsin Center District to support good jobs in Milwaukee, hold American Security accountable, and consider terminating American Security’s contract. While American Security officers ensure that the Wisconsin Center and the Auto Show are safe, many struggle to make ends meet.

“Everyday, I fight to help move Milwaukee forward. That means supporting good-paying jobs. We need responsible companies in Milwaukee who share that vision, not irresponsible contractors like American Security,” Alderman Zielinski of the 14th District said. “I call on the Wisconsin Center District to hold American Security accountable and consider terminating their contract with this company. ”

The officers who work for American Security – the contractor the Wisconsin Center District uses – are fighting for a voice on the job. As an economic engine for the city, the Wisconsin Center has a responsibility to create quality jobs.

IMG_2428“While thousands flock to the Wisconsin Center for the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show, many of the American Security officers who keep participants safe and secure struggle to make ends meet,” American Security Officer Emergy Hays said. “We’re not asking for a fancy car like the ones in the Auto Show. We’re asking for a real living wage and a voice on the job!”

Milwaukee workers linked Milwaukee’s struggle for healthy economic development with American Security’s choice to not create quality jobs. They called on the Wisconsin Center District to hold American Security accountable in creating good jobs that provide decent wages, quality benefits, as well as a voice on the job, which will then, in turn, contribute to the prosperity of Milwaukee’s neediest communities.

Read more over at Fox 6 News and watch a video of the rally here!

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