Chicago Airport Workers combine their strength with workers in their #FightFor15

IMG_2648On March 11th, O’Hare Airport workers joined together with Chicago fast food, homecare, childcare workers, and adjunct professors at a Fight For $15 Summit to strategize and plan on how they win $15 and union rights! While they all work in different industries, the workers know that by coming together in solidarity, they can achieve their goal of a brighter future.

To begin the summit, workers broke down the barriers between themselves, got to know each other, and why each person is there fighting for a better future. They then discussed the injustices here in Chicago and how the fight for $15 connects to the broader struggle for economic, racial, social, and immigrant justice. They also talked about the differences between individual challenges and structural, system challenges as well as what a Trump presidency means for their fight.

IMG_2653While the summit only lasted a day, the power built between the workers will last much longer. By coming together, the workers understand that while the fight is going to be difficult and long, they’re not in this fight alone.

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