Statement on Ohio House Bill 493 from SEIU Local 1: “Heartbeat Bill” Hits Working Women the Hardest

Statement on Ohio House Bill 493 from SEIU Local 1: “Heartbeat Bill” Hits Working Women the Hardest

 Following is a statement from SEIU Local 1 Northern Ohio Coordinator Yanela Sims urging Governor Kasich to veto House Bill 493:

“The passage of the so-called ‘Heartbeat Bill’ by the Ohio General Assembly is yet another attack on working families in the state of Ohio. Working women who cannot afford to flee from Ohio to a state that recognizes their reproductive rights will be most impacted.

“Women have fought for the right to legal, safe abortions over the course of the last 100 years. If the state of Ohio forces women to carry pregnancies to term after a fetus’s heart beat is detected, it will strip women of their right to choose when they become mothers. The attacks on this right, just like attacks on union rights, voting rights and others, are a way to keep the top one percent in charge of this country. When women have access to various forms of birth control, they have greater access to the type of jobs that their families and their communities need. This is an issue of economic justice.

“Women in the state of Ohio need good jobs, safe communities and opportunities to improve the quality of life for their families. We need legislation that ensures a better future for workers. The state needs to create jobs with higher wages, ensure affordable health care and build a public education system that effectively educates our youth. The state should avoid taking away the rights of anyone – men or women.

“I urge Governor Kasich to stand by his previous statements of opposition to this legislation and to veto this bill.”

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Service Employees International Union Local 1 unites nearly 50,000 workers throughout the Midwest. SEIU janitors, security officers, food service workers, and others are working with community leaders to advocate for the quality services the public deserves and the good jobs our communities need.

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