Thousands of workers join ‘Fight for $15’ protests at O’Hare and across Chicago

WGN Airport StrikeCHICAGO —  A nationwide “Day of Disruption” didn’t really disrupt much as the Fight for $15 made its way to O’Hare Airport Tuesday afternoon, where demonstrators and the SEIU say workers need to earn $15 an hour to raise their families.

The Fight for $15 ended at O’Hare Airport, where the SEIU estimates there were 2,000 protestors, 500 of whom walked off the job at American and United. Janitors, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners and wheelchair attendants are among those rallying for a $15 hourly minimum wage. Some of those participating are contracted by Prospect Airport Services and AirScrub Inc.

“My daughters need root canals and I can’t even take them to do that,” said Kisha Rivera, who makes $10.50 an hour.

Oliwia Pac, a student who works several jobs at O’Hare, said the lowest paying is as a wheelchair attendant making minimum wage or $8.75 an hour.

“It’s tough. With the wages I live paycheck to paycheck,” Pac said.

Protestors say they we weren’t trying to shut the airport down, but to elevate the voice of the workers. O’Hare is an economic engine. They say they deserve to make a living wage.

Read the full story over at WGN-TV.

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