Rep. Robin Kelly joins SEIU Local 1 Security Officers starting ‘Fight for 15’ contract negotiations

DSC_0897The “Fight for 15” movement is alive and well in the state of Illinois. SEIU Local 1 Metropolitan Chicago security officers, who secure high-profile sites like the University of Chicago, the Chicago Housing Authority, United Airlines in the Willis Tower, and Maggie Daley Park, were joined by Second District Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D-IL) to kick off their contract campaign to reduce violence and improve safety in the Chicagoland area. The sad truth is that median wage for a Metro security officer is $11.25 an hour, just over $23,000 annually. Officers earn as little as $9.40 an hour, or $19,000 annually. These low wages leave many Metro officers trapped in struggling neighborhoods.

President of SEIU Local 1, Tom Balanoff, says that a higher wage for security pays off in higher dividends to the community in the form of helping working families and keeping communities safer.

Congresswoman Kelly calls it “fighting the right kind of fight.” Her friend and House of Representatives colleagues, the legendary John Lewis, would call this fight “good trouble.” The contract will cover 6,000 Chicagoland security officers across Cook County, many of whom live in our area’s roughest neighborhoods. Congresswoman Kelly says, “That’s a fight for a better contract and for a fair wage for you to take care of your families.”

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