SEIU Local 1 Marches in 2016 Pride Parade

IMG_4821On June 26th, SEIU Local 1, SEIU HCII, and SEIU Local 73 came together to march in Chicago’s LGBTQ Pride Parade. We packed the float and, despite the heat, had a great time.


The parade kicked off with a tribute to those lost in the tragic shootings in Orlando.┬áThe strength of the LGBTQ community has always been its resilience, our ability to mourn those we’ve lost to homophobia, racism, and other forms of bigotry while also celebrating the beauty of our identities. That’s what the Pride Parade is, and always will be, about.

Every day we remember how each of our fights is interconnected; racial,IMG_4867
economic, immigrant and LGBTQ justice cannot be achieved independently. Our union was the first to walk in the Chicago Pride Parade, and we continue to carry that forward-thinking spirit in all of the work we do.


Thank you so much to everyone who attended!

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