SEIU Local 1 Janitors, Adjunct Faculty Hold Rally at City Hall for Higher Wages and a Better Janitorial Contract

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, December 10th, 2015

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In the Midst of the Holiday Season…

SEIU Local 1 Janitors, Adjunct Faculty Hold Rally at City Hall for Higher Wages and a Better Janitorial Contract

Big Contractors Need to Stop Acting Like Scrooges, Start Paying Janitors a Living Wage

ST. LOUIS – In the midst of the holiday season, over 100 SEIU Local 1 janitors and allies rallied in front of City Hall for a living wage and a fair contract. The poverty wages janitors are currently paid severely inhibit their ability to provide for their families. 1 in 5 children in St. Louis live in poverty, but big St. Louis contractors have been naughtier than they have been nice this year, offering only nickel and dime raises while janitors and their families struggle just to get by. A higher wage will help janitors raise their families, their communities, and all of St. Louis.

“I’ve worked as a janitor for 15 years, and while the cost of living keeps going up, my wages have stayed low,” Local 1 Janitor Barbara Dace said. “The holidays are supposed to be about giving, but working parents and grandparents can barely pay rent. We’re fighting for our families, because we can’t make ends meet on such low wages.”

While people across the nation are buying gifts for their loved ones, Local 1 janitors are struggling to put food on the table. Juggling bills, food, and medical costs leaves little left over. By standing together and telling their stories, janitors built momentum in their hard-fought campaign for a better contract and a living wage.

Local 1 janitors were joined by Local 1 adjunct faculty.  Local 1 adjunct faculty stood in solidarity with janitors in their fight for a better contract to highlight the unity of all working people as they struggle to make ends meet this holiday season.  

Local 1 janitors kicked off their campaign for a better three-year contract in October. With 1 in 5 children in St. Louis living in poverty, they’re fighting for the better wages they need to support their families. Thursday’s demonstration illustrated how working people across St. Louis are ready to stand up for a higher wage.


Service Employees International Union Local 1 unites nearly 50,000 workers throughout the Midwest. SEIU janitors, security officers, food service workers, and others are working with community leaders to advocate for the quality services the public deserves and the good jobs our communities need.

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