Hundreds of Chicago’s Window Washers who Voted to Strike Rallied Outside of Trump Tower for Good Jobs

CHICAGO | Every day, Chicago’s window washers step over the edge of skyscrapers like the Trump Tower, Willis Tower, and the Hancock building and risk their lives to help billion dollar corporations, yet struggle to make ends meet for their families. Chicago’s window washers, whose contract expires on June 30th, voted to authorize their bargaining committee to call a strike if necessary.  They rallied outside of Trump Tower for good jobs.

Window washing is a family industry in Chicago; generations of workers have been providing our city with an essential service. Chicago’s window washers cannot afford to purchase their employer’s healthcare and despite putting their life on the line every day they start at just over $11 an hour.

Low wages stunt the growth of our economy: families can’t afford basic necessities, let alone go to the doctor or save for their children’s education. Chicago’s window washers are fighting for a better future not only for their families, but for the entire middle class.



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