Milwaukee City Council Unanimously Passes Responsible Bidder’s Ordinance

Janitors have been fighting to raise standards in property services throughout Milwaukee for more than a decade. During that time, SEIU Local 1 members rallied in the streets, traveled and lobbied the State Capitol in Madison, stood with striking fast food workers, and have even risked their jobs and their livelihood standing side-by-side with security officers attempting to form a union.

Nearly one year ago, the janitors’ union wrote and proposed a Responsible Bidder’s Ordinance to the Milwaukee City Council. Allies along with Aldermen Tony Zielinski and Nik Kovac co-sponsored the ordinance and championed the janitors’ cause.

MKE janitors for WP smallLast week, Milwaukee’s Responsible Bidder Ordinance was passed by a unanimous 14-0 vote by the Milwaukee City Council and signed into law by Mayor Tom Barrett. The ordinance will empower the city to ensure that no irresponsible contractors get city tax dollars to perform janitorial services – preventing irresponsible contractors from winning public work without making operational changes. The law will also cover the security and food service industries, solidifying responsible public contracting in those sectors as well.

The unanimous passing of this Responsible Bidder’s Ordinance illustrates how fostering strong relationships with elected officials will help lift the entire city of Milwaukee with good jobs.

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