A Better Future for Cleveland Janitors

Cleveland Janitors Ratify Four Year AgreementRatification Group Shot edited

By an overwhelming margin, members of SEIU Local 1 in Cleveland ratified the Master Janitorial Contract on April 18, 2015. The contract, which covers more than 500 janitors working both downtown and throughout the Cleveland suburbs, increases wages and ensures employer provided health insurance for four years.

This contract, which provides wage increases for both current janitors and future hires in the city and suburbs, is effective on May 1 and benefits both their families and our local economy. The historic four year agreement also strengthens the pension plan and adds non-discrimination language, protecting classes not covered by Ohio law.

“The results are exciting, and proof that SEIU Local 1 members are leading the way for working families in Cleveland” said Sandra Ellington, a Cleveland janitor and SEIU Local 1 executive board member. “The agreement strengthens our union at a time when Right to Work threatens working people in our state.”

The agreement strengthens the union at a time when Right to Work is a possibility in the state, and also demonstrates the union’s solidarity during this challenging time.

“This agreement is proof that when union members stand with one another, they can achieve anything,” said Tom Balanoff, President of SEIU Local 1. “The economic gains in this contract will help our members and the Northeast Ohio community now and over the next four years.”

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