Janitors are Raising Indy with Good Jobs


Indianapolis janitors and faith and community leaders took a stand for good jobs and we won. Janitors at major downtown buildings including Circle Tower, the Landmark Center and 500 N. Meridian are joining SEIU Local 1 for the first time. They won rights, a voice at work and the ability to join with janitors across the city to win better wages for their families.

Last fall, local janitor Ana Rosas sparked the campaign that led to this victory. Ana made a bold move for her children. She asked for a raise and organized to form a union. In response, her employer retaliated against her and she was left without a job.

Ana fought back courageously, and with the help of other janitors and community supporters. Her story was featured in the Indianapolis Star and NUVO. Community, faith and elected leaders rallied in support. They signed petitions, sent emails and made phone calls to Ambrose Property Group, owner of Circle Tower and several downtown buildings. Ambrose hired Ana’s employer, Sunshine Maintenance.

Now, following a federal investigation into Sunshine, Ana Rosas has been offered her job back—with nearly $3,800 in back pay.

“This is about dignity. We have to unite and stand up for ourselves to win what we need for our children,” said Ana.


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