Chicagoland Security Officers Win Raises and Affordable Health Care

Kenyatta Meme

More than 6,000 SEIU Local 1 security officers and their families will have more money in their pockets this holiday season. Local 1 security officers who work in buildings across the Chicagoland area unanimously ratified a new union contract on Saturday, November 8, 2014. They won raises of 25 cents an hour, improvements to their paid time off and a 67 percent reduction in employee healthcare contribution, dropping it from $300 down to $100. This victory enables more than 3,000 officers to get coverage who previously couldn’t afford it.

“Saving $200 a month in healthcare costs in addition to my raise will allow me to better care for me and my family,” said Kenyatta Sinclair, a security officer at the University of Chicago. “This is what can happen when working people unite together.”

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