“I work hard so they can have a better life.”

Ana RosasEvery day after the President of Ambrose Property Group goes home, Ana Rosas would clean his desk on the fourth floor of Circle Tower—until now. Ana’s employer, Sunshine Maintenance, is under investigation by the federal government for retaliating against her when she asked to improve her job and form a union.

Sunshine Maintenance is the janitorial contractor hired by Ambrose to keep Circle Tower clean. For her 40 hours of work, Ana takes home just $283 a week. She worries because she doesn’t have the money she needs to help her daughter pay for college—something Ana has always encouraged her to do.

“Carina has to support herself. She is only 19 and she works at 5:30 every morning before she heads off to classes at IUPUI during the day and at Ivy Tech in the evening,” Ana says. “Sometimes she only sleeps 4 hours a night.”

Ana wants a better future for both of her children and that’s why she is forming a union to improve her wages.

“I want them to have healthy food, to travel and to have the things I haven’t been able to have. Most importantly, I want them to have time for themselves and their families—because I didn’t have that for them,” Ana says.

Family is the most important thing for Ana. And as a widow, she is raising her children by herself. “I tell them that I’m doing all of this for them. I work hard so they can focus on studying and have a better life. But I don’t want to just be economic provider for my kids and work all the time. I want to be their mother too.”

Too many working people like Ana are losing ground because big corporations are holding down wages for their own gain. The impact is clear: crime is on the rise and Indiana is falling behind the rest of the country in terms of health, income and education standards.

Indianapolis janitors are urging corporations to provide jobs that can support a family.  We need to make sure that our economy works for everyone who contributes to it—not just the wealthy few.

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