Columbus Janitors Return to Work!

three faces strike signsLocal 1 janitors in Columbus returned to work September 25th after going on strike the day before.  Productive talks at the bargaining table on the 25th persuaded janitors to return to work in good faith that a fair agreement will be reached with cleaning contractors.

After standing up for decent wages, affordable health care and full time hours, employers responded to the janitors’ efforts to improve working conditions with threats and other conduct prohibited by the National Labor Relations Act. Janitors went on strike to protest this conduct.

“As a result of the bravery of the Columbus janitors who stood up for their right to fight for good jobs across the city, we have seen some productive conversations at the bargaining table today,” said Tyler French, SEIU Local 1 Regional Coordinator. “We are returning to the table on Monday where we will continue to stand strong for good jobs and the future of Columbus, which starts with Columbus janitors.”

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