2013 Security Contract Convention

Rita Press

Security Officer Rita Young speaks to the press on March 23rd.

Despite working for multi-billion dollar corporations in one of the most dangerous cities in the US, most Chicago Security Officers qualify for some form of public assistance. After a long day of protecting Chicago institutions such as the Board of Trade or the opulent residential buildings located in Chicago’s Gold Coast, downtown security officers return home to some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the city. In a city with one of the highest GDPs in the world, this kind of income inequality is unacceptable.

There were over 500 murders in Chicago last year; 80 percent of the killings took place on Chicago’s South and West sides—neighborhoods that most security officers call home. Poverty, unemployment, and violence plague these ares of the city. By paying poverty wages, corporations are forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for a majority of full time security officers’ basic needs.

SEIU 071

2nd Congressional Candidate Robin Kelly kicked off the March 23rd Convention.

Chicago security officers are taking a stand in 2013 for good jobs, better wages, and a safe and prosperous city for us all. On March 23rd, officers from all over the Midwest attended the 2013 Security Contract Convention. Second Congressional Candidate Robin Kelly kicked off the convention, stating her support for Chicago’s working class.

After an inspiring morning filled with musical performances and riveting speeches by community and union leaders, the Security Bargaining Committee introduced themselves to the officers and stated they were prepared to fight for:

  • Better Wages
  • Stronger Healthcare
  • Officers’ Rights on the Job

Security officers are making a stand for Good Jobs and a Safe Chicago. Contract bargaining begins on April 4th, and Chicago’s security officers will be out in force to win the contract that they deserve.

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