Illinois to Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

On January 8th the Illinois House passed a law allowing all undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. This law states that all undocumented immigrants are now eligible to apply for a Temporary Visitor Driver’s License. The temporary visitor driver’s license will allow undocumented immigrants to drive to the store, bring children to school and various other tasks while in full agreement with Illinois driving laws.

To qualify for a temporary visitor driver’s license you must:

  • Prove you have lived in Illinois for at least one year
  • Provide a valid, unexpired passport or consular ID
  • Provide other proof of identity and residency that the Secretary of State might require
  • Provide documentation that you are not eligible for a Social Security Number
  • Pass all applicable vision, written, and road tests
  • Show proof of insurance for the vehicle you use for the road test
  • Pay a $30 fee

Need help obtaining a temporary driver’s license?

  • Contact the State Department:  800-252-8980

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