Local 1 Retirees Step Up To Action

Local 1 Retiree Political Action Committee: Nick Belsanti, Kathleen Gorman- Co Chair, Monica Iglesias - Co Chair, John Maliszewski and Mario Lupo.

“As retirees we have much to offer: We vote,” stated Monica Iglesias, committee co-chair.

With all the attacks coming from Republican candidates on Social Security, Medicare, and the middle class, the Local 1 Retiree Chapter is stepping into political action. At the September meeting of the chapter a political action committee was formed to get involved with the political activities of SEIU.

“The direction of our country will be determined by the 2012 elections. I wanted to make sure seniors and the middle class are not left behind,” said Kathleen Gorman. “I worked to earn my Social Security and Medicare. Workers today are doing the same. If we do not get involved in politics and mobilize retirees, workers and young people, we surely will be paying in the future.”

To volunteer to work with the committee on political activities call Monica Iglesias, Committee Co-Chair, at 773-237-7927.

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