SEIU Local 1 Members Vote Yes for a Stronger Union

Members Gather the Ballot Boxes

Working families and middle class jobs are under attack. Workers are getting pay cuts and losing their benefits, struggling more and more to provide for their families. But in the midst of this economic shift, SEIU Local 1 members are winning better wages and benefits. We are 50,000 strong, working to make sure every job is a GOOD job and that America works for everyone, not just those at the top.

On Saturday, September 8, SEIU Local 1 members in seven states overwhelmingly approved a new dues system to make our union even stronger: 79% voted yes for a new dues system. The new system creates a unified dues rate for all members. Now we are all on equal footing. We have the resources we need to win better jobs. We are ready to continue our fight for a stronger middle class and an economy that works for everyone.

If you are a member and have questions about the new dues system, call the Member Resource Center: 877-233-8880.

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