SEIU Stands in Solidarity with CTU

September 7, 2012

Contact: Nell McNamara, 206-852-5934,


Service Employees International Union Stands in Solidarity with 26,000 public school teachers, clinicians and paraprofessionals of Chicago Public Schools.

The Chicago Teachers Union is calling for a better school day and adequate resources for students, as well as fair compensation and improved job security for teachers. SEIU supports the CTU if they are forced to strike; however, many of our members are contractually obligated to work in the event of a strike. SEIU members will continue to work at the schools to ensure the safety and health of Chicago’s schoolchildren as their teachers fight for their education.

Strong public schools are critical for working families in Chicago. SEIU Illinois calls on Chicago Public Schools to prevent a strike by giving our students, schools and teachers the resources they need to succeed.




The SEIU Illinois State Council joins more than 170,000 members many of them employed in property services, the public sector, healthcare and childcare related fields.  Founded in Chicago in 1921, SEIU is the nation’s largest and fastest growing labor union.

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