Calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to listen…

***Advisory for Wednesday, August 29***

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Calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to listen…

Chicago Workers Take on the Millionaires’ Mayor, Urge Him to Stop Hurting Working Families


Chicago— Hundreds of Chicago workers and faith and community groups will rally at City Hall hoping to send a simple message to Mayor Rahm Emanuel: stop putting millionaires and big corporations ahead of the working families who elected you. The Mayor says that Chicago’s economy is booming. Corporations may be booming—but the Millionaires’ Mayor is eliminating good, middle class jobs that families and communities depend on while giving millions of our tax and TIF dollars to profitable corporations.

Despite giving lip service to Chicago’s workers and job creation, Mayor Emanuel has specifically targeted union workers, replacing them with less experienced part-time workers and slashing wages and benefits. For example, this summer the City hired an irresponsible contractor that laid off janitors with good, family-sustaining jobs, paying their replacements lower wages and providing no benefits. The janitors and their allies have been lobbying to pass the Responsible Bidder Ordinance, which would ensure that the City award contracts to companies that provide good jobs and quality services. The Responsible Bidder Ordinance is sponsored by 31 aldermen.


What:                              Take on the Millionaires’ Mayor


Where:             City Hall – on the sidewalk at 121 N. LaSalle


When:               Wednesday, August 29 – 3:30pm


Who:                 Hundreds of Chicago workers including laid off City janitors
Faith and community organization supporters



–          Blown up posters including (1) the Mayor’s schedule, highlighting his meetings with millionaires, (2) the Mayor’s financials, (3) Chicago workers who do not feel represented by the Mayor, and (4) A joint letter from community groups calling for the Responsible Bidders Ordinance

–          A delegation of community groups singing through City Hall as they deliver their letter to the Mayor’s office

–          Hundreds of janitors chanting, waving flags and holding handmade signs with messages for Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the “Millionaires’ Mayor”

–          A closing march through City Hall with signs and chanting




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