Another wave of “Freedom Flyers” are arrested in Houston while standing up for janitors

María Piña, Chicago

Maria’s husband is a janitor.

“I have four children so I know how important it is to be able to provide for your family. Between my job and my husband’s job as a union janitor, we have been able to give our children the foundation for a bright future. I want that for all other working people, too.”

Armengol Domenech, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Armengol has been actively supporting workers’ rights for over 40 years. He says, “I have a long history of organizing in the community for civil rights, so when I heard that Houston janitors were fighting for their rights, there was no hesitation. I knew right away that I had to come and support them.”

Peter Rickman, Milwaukee

Peter is a community activist who took part in the historic fight to support working people last year in Wisconsin. “I grew up in a factory town in Wisconsin, and I saw firsthand the difference between my family members that did and didn’t have good union jobs.  When I see the Houston janitors, I see the same fight that we fought in Wisconsin last year, and that my mother’s generation fought and won for all of us before that. I’m willing to take arrest today for the dignity, respect, and opportunity to make a decent living that everyone deserves.”

Tania Maria Rosario, Seattle

Tania has been a community and labor activist for the past 20 years. “It’s a disgrace that the people who clean the offices of bankers, stockbrokers, and wealthy oil companies only have $9,000 a year to show for the backbreaking work that they do. Houston can afford to do better.”

Gillian Mason, Boston

Gillian is a former teacher and long-time community activist. “I was a teacher for ten years. I want to see a better future for the next generation of students, whether those jobs are in my hometown or here in Houston. This city’s corporations and building owners can afford to pay janitors a wage that allows them to take care of their basic needs.”

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