Chicago Janitors Take Vote to Authorize Strike Today

***** News Advisory for TODAY, March 31st ***** 

Contact: Leslie Mendoza Kamstra, (773) 896-7815 

                                      Izabela Miltko, (708) 655-9681 

 In the final days of contract talks over good jobs, 

Chicago Janitors Take Vote to Authorize Strike 

Janitors Struggle on Low Wages While Building Owners are Making Profits 

CHICAGO| Chicago janitors who clean buildings owned by some of the wealthiest companies in the world plan to hold a vote today authorizing their bargaining committee to call a strike if necessary. 

Chicago janitors are struggling to keep their families out of poverty. Janitors and community supporters are calling on building owners and the richest corporations in the country to do their part and create good middle class jobs for Chicago. 

The vote comes underway as our country is in the midst of massive public protest over the disappearing middle class and increasing income inequality between the richest 1% and the other 99% of this country. 

WHAT:                               Vote to Authorize Strike  

WHEN & WHERE:            

Today, Saturday, March 31

 1 p.m.—Press Conference following a strike authorization vote  On the steps of Teamsters Hall, 330 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago


 More than a thousand SEIU Local 1 Janitors from the Chicago area and their families

 Community Supporters, including other unions and clergy members

VISUALS:                            Waving over 200 large bright yellow and purple flags, more than a thousand   Chicago janitors, supporters and their children will cheer and chant on the steps  of Teamster’s Hall

 Waving large banners and vote signs


BACKGROUND: For the first time ever, SEIU Local 1’s janitorial contracts in all 11 cities expire in the same year. These contracts impact the livelihood of 22,000 Local 1 members and their families. Chicago-area janitors have been in contract negotiations since early March. Their contract, impacting more than 13,000 local janitors, expires on April 8.

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