SEIU President Mary Kay Henry Visits Kansas City

Image from Mary Kay's Twitter page.

On February 7, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry came to Kansas City to meet with SEIU members.  Henry met with members at the union office and at worksites including Research Medical Center and Menorah Medical Center.

Mary Kay, who was elected by SEIU members in 2010, enthusiastically posted, “Great to see all this purple in Kansas City, MO” and other updates to her Twitter page throughout the day.

Under Mary Kay ‘s leadership, SEIU members all over the United States are forming historic partnerships in their communities to confront income inequality, to shine a light on the wealthy and corporations failing to pay their fair share in taxes, and to hold politicians accountable to working people.

Member Dale Felder said that Mary Kay made the most of her time in Kansas City and took every opportunity to talk to members. “I was extremely impressed with Mary Kay. This was the first time that I had an opportunity to meet her,” he said. “During our roundtable discussion she listened to the concerns of the people who are the ‘rank and file’ of SEIU.”

Mary Kay poses with Local 1 members in Kansas City.

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