As Jan. 1 Strike Deadline Looms, Janitors in More Than 12 Cities Across the Country Pledge Support to NYC Cleaners

NEW YORK, NY— As a contract deadline looms in New York City for 22,000 office cleaners represented by SEIU 32BJ, janitors in more than 12 cities across the country including Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angles have pledged to honor picket lines should the strike spread outside of New York City.

Cleaners in New York City represented by SEIU32BJ could strike as soon as January 1st if a deal is not reached with New York City’s $20 billion real estate industry.

The showdown comes in the midst of wide-scale public protests over income inequality between the very wealthy and the rest of the country and a debate about what kind of country we will become if income disparity continues to widen. While corporate executives are making record amounts, income for 95 percent of American households has either stayed the same or fallen since 1970, threatening to make the middle class the great disappearing act of the 21st century.

Janitors in Northern Virginia, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago, Orange County, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis and Sacramento have all signed petitions stating their intention to honor picket lines should the strike spread to their buildings.

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