A Victory for All Workers

Photo courtesy of Debbie Kline, Cleveland Jobs with Justice

November 8th marked a major victory for workers all across the nation, when more than 2 million people voted NO on Issue 2 and repealed Gov. Kasich’s anti-worker Senate Bill 5.

Senate Bill 5 would have stripped Ohio’s public employees—firefighters, teachers, and nurses, among others—of their right to collectively bargain for fair wages and safe staffing levels. The effect of this bill on jobs and communities across the state would have been devastating.

That’s why SEIU Local 1 members joined their sisters and brothers across Ohio in working tirelessly to repeal SB5. Local 1 members helped gather a record number of signatures to get the issue on the ballot and spent weeks educating voters across the state about Senate Bill 5.

By using their citizens’ veto, Ohioans said loud and clear: working families are not punching bags. We did not cause the economic problems in Ohio and you can’t pick our pockets to fix them. This is a victory for the 99%, by the 99%.

The voice of Ohio’s middle class was heard ‘round the nation in November—but only because union members and working people across the state worked together and worked hard.

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