Protesters Block Traffic on Second Avenue Bridge in Detroit [My Fox Detroit]


DETROIT (WJBK) – Dozens of protesters were marching through Detroit Thursday afternoon. They shut down traffic over the Second Avenue bridge near I-94.

They’re trying to bring attention to the high rate of unemployment and poverty in Detroit.

They’re calling it an economic emergency for Detroit residents. It’s all part of the National Day of Action.

The protesters started to gather at the bridge during the three o’clock hour.

They were on the bridge for about an hour getting pretty rowdy at one point in time. They then went down Palmer over near Wayne State University before making their way back.

They want the politicians to know it’s time to bring the jobs back to Detroit.

“I will do whatever it takes to draw the attention of those that don’t represent me. This is the 99-percent. The one-percent is not representing me, yet here it is they are the ones,” said Obie Griffin with Good Jobs Now.

“This is our last, non-violent resort to letting politicians and elected officials know that we don’t have anywhere else to go but outdoors. So, we stand in the cold today to say put food in our bellies. Give us opportunities to work for ourselves. We’re not lazy. We’re not ignorant. We just want to have a chance to live the American dream,” said Rev. D. Alexander Bullock with Greater St. Mathis Church.

They arrived by the busload to get their message heard. Ministers joined the working class standing on solidarity on the bridge and, at times, blocking traffic.

Many members of Good Jobs Now are taking desperate measures in these desperate times to get their message heard.

“If we can spend billions in Iraq, spend $5-million on Mack. We’ve got to put people back to work. People are scurrying, fighting for food, trying to keep heat on in their homes. So, we got money for everyone else. Let’s spend some money on us,” said Horace Sheffield the Third, president of the National Action Network.

So their message is Detroit’s crisis is a job crisis. They’re calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act, which they say will bring more than 11,000 jobs to Michigan.

The protesters were also sending a message in the air. A banner being pulled by an airplane read “We are the 99-percent. Create good jobs now.”

Protesters Block Traffic on Second Avenue Bridge in Detroit:

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