Stand Up! Chicago Joins Occupy Chicago in Protest, Brings them Winter Gear [My Fox Chicago News]

Stand Up! Chicago Joins Occupy Chicago in Protest, Brings them Winter Gear:

By Joanie Lum, FOX Chicago News

Chicago – About 200 demonstrators joined the Occupy Chicago movement Wednesday, marching from Chase Tower to the Chicago Board of Trade building. They said the Chicago Mercantile Exchange had one of their most profitable years and has asked for tax breaks from the state.

Stand Up! Chicago advocates job creation and re-investing those tax funds in schools and communities. CBOT and CME said it’s only fair for them to pay the same low taxes as other businesses, but a Stand Up! representative said what they think is fair is eliminating all tax loopholes for businesses.

The group joined the Occupy Chicago movement and provided them with American-made hats and sleeping bags to get them through the winter. They say they won’t go away when it gets cold out.

The group will also march on City Hall, calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to allow the group to establish itself in Grant Park and respect their First Amendment rights.

Activists will demand the city drop charges against protestors who were arrested for violating the hours of Grant Park.

It’s been said the police have been using the Grant Park protests as practice for the NATO and G8 summit this May in Chicago, and the Occupy group said they would also protest there. They want the city to give them the right to protest the summit, within sight and earshot of summit participants.

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