Massive Rally To ‘Take Back Chicago’ Planned For Today (VIDEO) [Progress Illinois]

A massive rally will kickstart an effort to ‘Take Back Chicago‘ today at 4 p.m. More than 7,500 people are expected to take part in the march and rally in protest of the lack of good jobs in the area and the influence of big banks and corporations in politics, just as major players in the financial industry converge in Chicago for the Mortgage Banker Association and Futures Industry Association expos.

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis will be leading one of five marches to mark the beginning of an effort by several community organizations and unions to demand that big banks reinvest in the communities, they say, the banks have profitied on while simultaneously destroying them.

“We’re standing up to the big banks and corporations that wrecked our economy and plunged so many working people into unemployment and poverty, while raking in record profits,” reads the Take Back Chicago web site. “Chicago families are holding them accountable for the damage they’ve done—and we expect them to pay us back in the form of meaningful job creation and community investment.”

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky is expected to take part in the housing march, speaking to the crowd about the foreclosure crisis in Chicago. SEIU* members will lead one of two jobs marches, demanding the creation of new positions; while the other will be lead by a coalition of labor unions and immigrant groups calling for real solutions to unemployment. College students and activists with will be leading a fifth march to rally for the reinvestment of “corporate welfare” in education and local communities.

Some partner organizations in the Take Back Chicago effort include Stand Up Chicago, National People’s Action, Chicago Jobs With Justice, Action Now, the Illinois Hunger Coalition, Southside Together Organizating For Power, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and the Lakeview Action Coalition. Here’s more on the effort to Take Back Chicago:

Today’s rally and march is part of a weeklong series of events to demand more jobs and additional resources to education and the ongoing housing crisis. For more on the marches, click here.

* The SEIU Illinois Council sponsors this web site.


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