Fox 6: Governor Scott Walker calls special jobs session; Public union workers afraid this could cause more anti-union legislation

Henry Rosoff,  FOX6 Reporter

Governor Scott Walker is calling for a special session on September 29th. He wants lawmakers to focus on jobs like a laser, but union workers are worried the laser will be focused on them. The last time there was a special jobs session in Madison history was made, and while there’s not yet an indication of anything like the budget battle brewing battle lines are being drawn.

A few dozens janitors rally for jobs in downtown Milwaukee. They’re frustrated a building at Wells St. and Water St. that uses non-union-labor. One janitor told me, “They’re getting less pay than we get paid, and they doing the same work we doing.”

The janitors are afraid the next jobs in Wisconsin will mean more anti-union action in Madison. In announcing the session Republican Governor Scott Walker says the agenda will be about jobs not politics. He says, “We went out and found pieces of legislation from both political parties authors from both political parties who say it’s not about a Republican job or a Democratic job it’s Wisconsin jobs.”Republican legislators are lining up behind the Governor. Republican State Representative Paul Farrow says, “I think there’s some excitement about getting back to a bi-partisan atmosphere, and getting the right step back for Wisconsin.”

Republican State Senator Alberta Darling says, “It’s not going to be an overnight fix. It’s not going to be an easy fix, but it gives us a chance with some of the items out there for growth in Wisconsin.”

Democratic Peter Barca says, “It seems to take a lot of nerve to promote this special interest agendas, and ignore what everyone is telling us to do.”

The special session will begin at 11:00 a.m. on September 29th.


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