SEIU: Mitt Romney Continues His Attack on Working People – A Local 1 Member in St. Louis Responds

From day one, Republican presidential candidates have been in a constant race to the extreme right. Today, at an event in South Carolina, Mitt Romney demonstrated just how willing he was to cater to the most extreme factions of his party, blatantly attacking workers’ rights during his remarks.

“All candidates for president, including Mitt Romney, need to spend less time undermining workers’ rights and more time putting themselves in our shoes,” said Curry Ervin, who cleans office building in St. Louis, Missouri.  “But Romney continues to attack workers and unity in the work place. To me, it seems like he just doesn’t get it.”

Romney’s desperate attempt at satisfying the extreme right-wing comes in the wake of news that he is slipping in the polls.

“As millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans search for work or try to hold on to their current jobs, Mitt Romney continues his assault on working and middle class people,” said SEIU President Mary Kay Henry. “By attacking the National Labor Relations Board, Romney is seeking to appease far right members of his party, who would ensure tax giveaways to big oil and corporations that send American jobs overseas.”


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